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Welcome to The Vibe, where we’re all about addressing the increasing demand for hair extensions, a trend that goes beyond mere aesthetics. We’re deeply committed to meeting this need head-on. While we certainly offer extensions for those seeking added volume and length, our true excitement lies in providing support to individuals facing the challenges of hair loss and thinning. Whether it’s due to hormonal shifts, the natural aging process, medications, or any other factor causing thinning hair, we’ve got the perfect solution waiting for you.

If you’re eager to breathe life, volume, and style back into your hair, don’t hesitate to book a consultation with us. During this session, we’ll discuss your specific needs, explore the available options, and provide you with a ballpark estimate. Plus, we’ll walk you through the entire process of hair extensions, from pre-application to aftercare, ensuring you’re fully informed and confident that you’re in capable hands. Your journey to revitalized hair begins here!


At The Vibe, we understand the rising demand for hair extensions and are committed to meeting this need head-on. Our primary objective extends beyond merely providing longer and thicker hair; we’re dedicated to offering support to individuals experiencing hair loss. Whether it’s due to hormonal fluctuations, aging, medication, or any other factor leading to thinning hair, we have a solution to address this concern.


If you’re new to hair extensions do not worry. While it can seem overwhelming and like you have no idea what would be the best options or if what you’re looking for is possible – we’re here to help you discover that.

First steps are to book a free consultation to look at your hair, talk about what you’re looking for and to discuss and explain the different options available to you. What each of the different types of hair extensions are, pros and cons of each and how you can take care of them and make sure they last as long as they can. We’ll help you to understand what’s possible with hair extensions, how much maintenance they’ll need, how to take care of them at home as well as how often and when you’ll need to come in to keep them in tip top condition.

The possibilities with hair extensions are huge, so let us take the fear and worry away for you and help you with the possibility of tranforming your hair to become what you’re looking for.


Join us for a consultation, where we’ll delve into your unique requirements. After assessing your hair type and desired outcome, we’ll carefully consider the options, whether it’s tape extensions or nano hair extensions, each boasting its own set of advantages. Rest assured, we’ll align the type of extensions with your specific goals.

Next steps entail purchasing the hair, followed by scheduling your fitting appointment. During this session, we’ll expertly fit your extensions, style them to perfection, and provide detailed guidance on how to maintain their lusciousness.


During your consultation, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive breakdown of all costs of your hair extensions service. However, if you’re curious about styling prices beforehand, feel free to visit our services page, where you’ll find a general price overview to give you an idea.


Most frequent questions and answers

We recommend you have a maintenance appointment every 6-8 weeks

we recommend using a tangle teaser hair extensions brush before shampooing to ensure that it is tangle free. 

secure the hair with one hand while brushing as this avoids pressure on the connecting bond or your own hair. 


We recommend our Davines products, particularly as they are sulfate and parabin free. 

When shampooing work vertically. Do not use any circular motions. That will create less tangling that will make the hair easier to damage. 

Our team will provide you with examples if you’re unsure. 

We recomend that you always dry the hair completely. This avoids matting and knots. 

we recommend that you use our advised hair oils and conditioning treatments and sprays to keep your hair extensions in good condition. 

We recommend gathering your hair into a loose ponytail or low plait to sleep with. 

You absolutely can still swim, use the sauna and exercise. 

You may loose a few extensions here and there due to styling / shedding. This is completely normal so don’t panic. Make sure that you keep any pieces that you do lose as we can arrrange to re-fit during your next appointment. 

Your hair is 100% human hair so you can use heated styling products on them for example straightening irons / curling wands / hair dryers. We recommend using heat protection products before styling to keep your extensions in optimum condition. 

YES! Because the hair is 100% human you can colour your hair extensions. However we do recommend you seek advice from your stylist before doing so. 


Our cut and finish services offer expert hairstyling and meticulous attention to detail. From precision cuts tailored to your individual needs to flawless finishing touches, we ensure you leave with a beautifully styled look that exceeds your expectations. Whether you’re opting for new extensions, daring colours, or a fresh cut, rest assured, you’re in capable hands. 


Most frequent questions and answers

Give us a call on 01443 229292, contact us by email at or send us a DM on Facebook or Instagram

You will be able to book online very soon… we’ll be in touch with more information soon.

We take a deposit if it’s your first visit to Shaltons or if you are booking for a long service such as Balayage or hair extensions. 

We ask clients where possible, to give us at least 48 hours notice before the appointment.

We do indeed, we offer hair cutting, styling and hair up. Give the salon a call to discuss. 

This will depend on what Service you are having done. A cut can take up to an hour and a colour could take a few hours. You are welcome to call the salon and find out how long you can expect to be.

We ask that you give at least 48 hours notice so we can make this appointment available for someone else. We are aware that some things are unavoidable at last minute, but please call the salon as soon as you possibly can.

Yes we do. You can put a set amount on a card or you can put a specific amount to treat your loved one, just pop in to the salon and speak to team.

We are a member of the Beauty Gild whereby we are responsible to uphold the dignity of the profession and conduct ourselves to their code of ethics and always maintain and act with good taste and professional decorum. For more information you can read the full code of ethics at

We are required by law to skin test every client we do that’s hasn’t been with ourselves for 6 months, this is because different brands of colour may react differently to you. We also know that we can develop a reaction to colour at any time in our lives this is why it’s important to reskin test if you haven’t been with us for 6 months. You can call into the salon at any time and get this done it will only take a few minutes.

Give us a call on 01443 229292, contact us by email at or send us a DM on Facebook or Instagram. We are always happy to help in any way that we can. 


Looking for something more creative? Whether it’s a bold panel, hidden rainbow or the perfect bleed we’ve got the colour and technique for you. Here at The Vibe at Shaltons we are now offering something a bit unique. Our team of creative colourist are pushing the boundaries and bringing something crazier to the table.


The number one question, how much will it cost? We only quote a price on consultation this is because it’s impossible to put a specific price on a unique and personal colour service. Once we’ve had a consultation and know what we’re doing with your hair we can estimate your cost, we say estimate as we hope you appreciate with such a complex service unforeseen circumstances can arise.


Quite often, we find it necessary to apply a bleaching process before proceeding with our vivid colour techniques. This step is crucial because it renders the hair slightly porous, creating an ideal canvas for absorbing vibrant colours. Some specific shades demand a lighter starting point to achieve their full vibrancy, and whenever possible, we explore alternatives to using bleach. However, please rest assured that the health and condition of your hair remain our utmost priority. If we have any concerns that this process could potentially compromise the integrity of your hair in any way, we will refrain from providing this service.


Most frequent questions and answers

We recommend that you top up your colour every 5-6 weeks. 

If you have vibrant colours, you can maintain them between appointments. Your stylist will provide you with a small container of colour for refreshing your shade between appointments. We also suggest washing and rinsing your hair with cool water.

You can continue with your normal activities with bold coloured hair. However, we suggest wearing a swim cap in chlorine pools, as chlorine can sometimes affect bright colors unpredictably. After any exposure to chlorine, make sure to thoroughly clean and condition your hair to maintain its best condition.

Our skilled stylists are trained to use bleach and/or pre-lightener effectively on your hair, minimizing the risk of damage. We closely monitor the lightening process to ensure it progresses only as needed.

Between appointments, caring for your hair is crucial for maintaining its health. If bleaching or pre-lightening has been done, we recommend using advised high-quality conditioner and styling products, including a heat protector during drying, to keep your hair in optimal condition.



Ready to embark on your hair color journey? Or need some help deciding? Booking a consultation with us at Shaltons is as easy as giving our salon a call.

Our friendly team is here to listen, understand your hair colour aspirations, and provide expert guidance. Whether you’re looking to refresh your current colour, try a bold new shade, or explore creative techniques, we’re excited to discuss your ideas and book an appointment that fits your schedule. Contact us today, and let’s start planning your personalized hair colour transformation.



At Shaltons, we prioritize the safety and well-being of our clients, which is why we require a skin test before any colour appointment. Skin testing is a crucial step to ensure you don’t have any adverse reactions to the hair colour products we use. By conducting a skin test in advance, we can identify and mitigate any potential allergies or sensitivities, allowing us to provide a comfortable and risk-free experience while achieving the desired hair colour results.