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Established in 1978 as Cats Whiskers in Cardiff, Shaltons began as a partnership salon and later expanded to the vibrant Talbot Green area in 1981. Evolving and rebranding in 1997, Shaltons has since remained dedicated to their mission of ensuring each client looks and feels fantastic on every visit.


Shaltons is a family-run salon based in the heart of Talbot Green. Our team of highly trained and friendly professionals takes great pride in giving you the personalised attention you deserve. We’re here to help you feel more like yourself, whether it’s with stylish haircuts, vibrant colours, or that perfect hair up for that special occasion; visit us in our open-plan salon, and we’ll take great care of you.

We believe in staying at the forefront of the industry, which is why we work closely with renowned brands like davines,  L’Oreal, Olaplex and ghd. Our commitment to continuous education ensures we’re always up to date with the latest trends and techniques. We’re also proud to have embraced sustainability, partnering with eco-friendly brands such as davines, while still using high-quality products from trusted brands. 

our values

At Shaltons Relationship Hairdressers, we not only value exceptional service and meaningful connections but also hold strong ethical values close to our hearts. Our highly trained and professional team is dedicated to not only listening to your unique, individual needs but also ensuring that our practices align with sustainability and ethical standards. We believe in making you look and feel fantastic while making responsible choices for the environment and the community. From using high-quality products to supporting local charities and giving back to the community, our commitment extends beyond just hair care. With our rich history since 1981, we’ve grown while maintaining our unwavering dedication to transforming your hair and creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that reflects our ethical values.


Elayne - Owner of Shaltons



Elayne is the founder of Shaltons Relationship Hairdressing, starting as a hairdresser at 15. Having trained all the team over the years, Elayne loves to keep expanding her knowledge with the latest techniques and passing it on to her team! With all her experience, she loves to create that perfect individual style for her clients. 

Her favourite style is: Something quirky and different.

Her favourite product is: I prefer to pick what I feel is best for each particular client’s hair type! For myself, it’s all about the curl range!

Jo - Senior Stylist at Shaltons



Jo has been a part of the Shaltons team for the past 23 years. Starting as a trainee, she’s now a senior stylist, our head colourist, and taking over the training of our apprentices, having recently achieved her assessors award. She is the talent behind ‘The Vibe’ at Shaltons, the new upstairs salon specialising in hair extensions and crazier colour.

Her favourite style is: Creative colour and styling.

Her favourite product is: I love the davines products and what they stand for. I do love figuring out what products will work well with different clients.

Julie - Senior Stylist at Shaltons



Julie enjoys all-around styling and with her 40 years of experience at the salon she likes the variety but especially working with curly hair. She’s a stickler for time so don’t be late! 😂

Her favourite style is: Naturally curly hair

Her favourite product is:

Mythic Oil and Heart of Glass! 

Mythic oil is a moisturising and repairing oil and is a good all rounder for keeping your hair in good shape. Heart of Glass is a range specifically for blondes. She can’t get enough!

Katie - Senior Stylist at Shaltons



With 20 years at Shaltons, Katy loves precision cutting; she has a keen eye for detail and loves to make sure everything is just so. Her product knowledge is second to none, so if you’re looking for advice she’ll be in the know!

Her favourite style is: All over colour with highlights – the more detailed the better!

Her favourite product is: Mythic oil

Aliyah - Stylist at Shaltons



Aliyah has been at Shaltons for four and a half years, moving from trainee to stylist. She’s big on learning and is amazing at balayage and toners. She will be part of the new team at ‘The Vibe’ at Shaltons, offering hair extensions and creative colour. She loves doing hair up too!

Her favourite style is: Balayage & bouncy  blow drys (the curly blow dry)

Her favourite product is: ghd Body Goals Foam – it’s good for all hair types, gives good lift and smells great – it does exactly what it’s meant to do! 

Emily - trainee stylist at Shaltons



Emily has been at Shaltons for two years , however, with her mum and aunties being part of the Shaltons team, she feels she has been part of the family for years. She’s completed her level two in hairdressing and is currently working towards her level three, and is really enjoying her training. Having taken like a pro to highlighting, Emily has the technique and skills already mastered!

Her favourite style is: Curling and plaiting.

Her favourite product is: Curl hold spray because it really protects and holds those curls. 

EMILY HAs junior stylist APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE ON mondays AND WEDNESDAYS at a reduced PRICE for all services. TO BOOK An APPOINTMENT WITH emily PLEASE CALL 01443 229 292


1978: Cats Whiskers, the predecessor of Shaltons Relationship Hairdressers, opens its doors in Cardiff.

1981: Cats Whiskers expands and establishes itself as a partnership salon in the heart of the Talbot Green area.

1985: Shaltons branches out and transitions away from the partnership, marking a significant milestone in its journey.

1997: A new chapter begins as the salon undergoes a name change, becoming Shaltons Relationship Hairdressers.

Present: Shaltons continues to uphold its core mission of making every client look and feel fantastic with their highly trained and professional team. They stay updated with the latest fashion trends, techniques, and high-quality products, ensuring exceptional experiences. Shaltons also remains committed to sustainability, ethical practices, and giving back to the community, solidifying their position as a trusted and values-driven hairdressing salon.


At Shaltons, we are committed to embracing environmentally friendly practices and policies as part of our ethical promise. We have taken a proactive approach to sustainability, working closely with eco-conscious brands like davines and Olaplex to offer hair care and repair ranges that are gentle on the planet. From minimising waste to reducing our carbon footprint, we continuously strive to make environmentally responsible choices. By staying up to date with eco-friendly initiatives and incorporating them into our salon operations, we aim to contribute to a greener future while providing our clients with the highest quality service and products.